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Showroom build continued (Stage 2)

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Some more progress photos of our new showroom being built.

We'll call this 'stage 2'.

During this stage we've had further flooring laid. This being a heavy duty black garage flooring, to improve longevity.

We've also installed some bi fold doors. These will soon become home to a classic Aston Martin racing mural, which is to be printed across the doors and wall.

The walls and skirting are yet to be painted, however you can start to see the showroom and lounge area coming together.

Some further lighting has been installed. This includes desk lighting over a Gordon Russell rosewood desk.

The hallway has been transformed to include under stairs storage, whilst created an inviting corridor from the unit entrance to the lounge area. Glass doors with subtle branding will be positioned at the lounge entrance over the coming weeks.

The bar area and new customer toilet are also progressing nicely.

Please keep visiting our Instagram page and our website over the coming weeks to watch the build progress.

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