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ROE invited to judge at Yorkshire Elegance Concours

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Paul (owner at ROE) was invited to judge at this year's Yorkshire Elegance 2023. He described the moment as being a huge privilege, both for him and for Richards of England. Over 170 prestige and classic cars were assembled on the lawn for the concours, and it was the judges' job to choose the winners of their respective classes. A remarkable 1922 Bentley 3.0L (nicknamed "The Gypsy") was selected by Paul and the other judges as the overall winner.

Richards of England also exhibited at Yorkshire Elegance and displayed two Aston Martin DB5s. The first was a Platinum Silver DB5 that ROE restored in 2021. Following its completion, DB5/2067/R went on to pick up two awards within major concours competitions. These were at the AMOC Autumn Concours 2021 and the Salon Privé Concours d'Elegance 2021.

The second Aston Martin DB5 (DB5/1346/R )was put up for sale exclusively at Yorkshire Elegance. The highly original DB5 appeared to have only been painted once, albeit crudely. Its original “Carriage Green” colour was still visible in places, including under the number plate housing. The interior was still in good condition despite being 60 years old, which is understandable given that this DB5 has only ever had 4 true owners. The manner in which the DB5 changed hands previously was also refreshing to see with the last three sales being conducted off-market, with written letters between the owners discussing the formalities.

The weather was not kind and the event was a little wet at times. However, that did not stop the fun. Paul, James, and Sam all thoroughly enjoyed their time there. Paul also loved being wined and dined within the VIP enclosure whilst catching up with clients (past, present, and hopefully future). James also reported back some strong interest from the stand with ROE looking forward to welcoming new clientele to their premises in the Lincolnshire countryside.


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