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Restoration Books

What are the Restoration books?

Every client that has a complete restoration with Richards of England has the opportunity to have a bespoke book created for them. The book contains up to 40 spreads of detailed photos captured by us at each stage of a restoration. We feel this is another personal touch that truly makes our company unique. 


What makes your restoration books unique?

1. Our books are crafted by hand and covered in the same Connolly leather used to upholster the interior of the car. Therefore, they match the interior in both colour, texture and even smell! 

2. With anything up to 1000 photos taken per project, it takes us hours of work to choose the best ones to use for the book.

3. Once the car is complete we hire out the gardens at Doddington Hall to take the final shots. The hall provides us with the perfect backdrop for classic car photography. We've attached some example photos below:


Aston Martin DB6 Example

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