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From the initial disassembly to the final detailing, we have everything on site required for a full car restoration. Firstly, we provide you with an estimate for the time and cost of restoring your motorcar. We do this so the client isn’t kept in the dark. Project management is a big part of the job and we take this very seriously. Paul, for example, has daily meetings with the rest of the team to ensure we can provide you with accurate updates. Every element of a restoration can be offered as a single service, so if you only require body and paint we can offer this as a stand alone service. 

- Main Workshop -

Our main workshop is the first of these building. Spread over two floors, the main workshop consists of; an enclosed disassembly bay, various reassembly areas, a trim shop, an office/reception and parts storage. Each area has all the machinery, tools and space necessary to produce high quality results. 

Our 24/7 monitored work site, contains multiple workshops and currently stands at a combined area of 6000 sq ft.

Richards of England Workshops.jpg

- Body/Paint Shop -


This building includes a state of art downdraft paint booth, a body prep station and storage.

From the preparation to the final polishing/detailing, we have the all equipment and expertise required. The workshop was designed so we can dedicate our efforts to one motor car at a time, resulting in the upmost care, and attention to detail. We strive to achieve an unrivalled finish not just to the body shell, but to the underside of the vehicle; engine bay and all other associated components. 

- Fabrication Workshop -

Our fabrication workshop is fully equipped to carry out any repair work or panel work to your vehicle, working on aluminium and steel bodied vehicles.  We can also fabricate components out of stainless steel and brass. 

The workshop consists of; both M.I.G and T.I.G welding plants, a band saw, an english wheel, a guillotine, sheet metal rollers, and various other specialist equipment. Despite a busy workshop, we can still support working on multiple projects by using rotisseries and jigs.

- Trim Shop -


Situated within our main workshop, our fully fitted trim shop is the home of all our interior work.

We use the same leather techniques that was used when the classic cars were originally crafted. Therefore, we have various hand tools that you wouldn't find in your typical modern trim shop. Over the years we have also built up a fantastic collection of leather, templates and original classic car parts. 

- Electrical Bay -

We have all the tools and equipment needed for electrical repair. Our services include everything from the recreation of wiring looms to smallest of repairs. Our electrician has over 30 years experience and so we pride ourselves on the service we can provide. 

Classic and vintage car electrical repairs are rarely found in-house at a restoration company. We take the hassle out of driving/moving your car around around the company. 

- Mechanical Work Bays -


Mechanical jobs, such as gearbox and differential rebuilds, are messy jobs. Therefore we have specially designated areas where our mechanical disassembly and stripping takes place. Similarly, we have clean areas which are used to reassemble parts once complete.

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