Our Team

Paul - Founder

From a young age Paul had always been fascinated by cars, art and design. Despite an impressive portfolio working on home projects during his teenage years, Paul struggled to find an apprenticeship. As a result, in 2006 Paul set up a home workshop for car interiors and fine tuned his skills. By 2008, he had established himself  under the name "Richards Coach Trimming" and moved to a unit on the outskirts of the city. Richards of England now sits within a gated community and comprises of five buildings that Paul oversees. Additionally, Paul occasionally gets back into the trim shop, going back to his roots.

Matt - Head Mechanic

Matt has 30+ years experience as a classic car mechanic. A true gent and team player with a love for Rugby. Matt has owned workshops in Europe working on various classic marquees. He became part of our team when he moved back to the UK and has had a huge influence on the business. Matt works closely with the rest of the team and Paul in a workshop manager role. He has impeccable timekeeping skills and gives up almost all of his spare time for Richards of England. Matt often goes beyond the call of duty, staying back at the garage until the work is finished.

James - Marketing Manager

Following his studies, James lived and worked in Manchester, Melbourne and Sydney. Thanks to a love of British classics, in particular the 60's Astons, James decided to turn down Australian sponsorship in order to pursue this fantastic opportunity. He is currently responsible for all aspects of the marketing. He still loves to travel and has experienced some unforgettable memories. Flying a plane in New Zealand and seeing a wild Whale whilst sailing a ship being his two favourites.

Ian - Fabricator


Ian has 25 years experience repairing Aston Martins, Jaguars, Ferraris Rolls Royces, Triumphs and various other classic motorcars.  He also served at a Rolls Royce and Bentley specialist for 11 years as a panel beater. These repairs include; metal fabrication, panel making, welding, gap and profiling, lead loading, panel straightening, de‐rusting, and filler preparation. From the minute he arrives, until the minute he leaves, Ian does not stop working. He is a true asset to the company and irreplaceable. It’s just a shame he supports Stoke City FC. 

John - Electrical/Mechanical Technician


Jon trained as an electrical engineer before going into mechanical engineering. His career has taken him everywhere from west coast USA to east coast China. In his spare time Jon collects classic cars and motor bikes. It’s this passion for engineering that has seen him build multiple classic cars and motorbikes from the ground up. For multiple years John helped us with the electrics before deciding to join us full-time as a electrical/mechanical technician. Jon’s broad skill set, calculated approach and his attitude towards work all make him a key part of our team. 

Russell - Coachtrimmer

Russell has 45 years experience as a trimmer and has an impressive CV that has seen him work across the world. Most notably he carried out important restoration contracts as a Rolls Royce authorised coach builder, this included a complete restoration of the original “Silver Ghost.”  As well as being an incredibly talented trimmer, he is also a very capable designer, working with Elon Musk on the Tesla Model S interior. When he is not at work Russell enjoys spending time with his family, gardening and travelling. We are lucky to have someone with Russells experience,  knowledge and attitude on board. 

Jason - Bodyshop/Painter


Starting in 1990, Jason has close to 30 years experience working within bodyshops. He's prepped and painted everything from Aston Martins to Volvos. He understands all aspects of painting the perfect product and has 10 years experience running his own bodyshop. With a known hatred for computers and the internet, Jason often talks about how he loves being out in the 'real world'. His weekends are spent either fishing, cycling or with his kids. 

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