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Our Team

Paul - Founder & Trimmer


From a young age Paul had always been fascinated by cars, art and design. Despite an impressive portfolio working on home projects during his teenage years, Paul struggled to find an apprenticeship. As a result, in 2006 Paul set up a home workshop for car interiors and fine tuned his skills. By 2008, he had established himself under the name "Richards Coach Trimming", moved to a unit on the outskirts of the city and started specialising in classics. Richards of England now sits within a gated community and comprises of five buildings that Paul oversees. In his spare time Paul enjoys travelling, architecture and interior design.

James - Marketing Manager


Following his studies, James lived and worked in Manchester, Melbourne and Sydney. Thanks to a love of British classics, in particular the 60's Astons, James decided to turn down Australian sponsorship to pursue this fantastic opportunity. He is currently responsible for all aspects of marketing and has been at the company for over half a decade. He still loves to travel and has experienced some unforgettable memories. Flying a plane in New Zealand and seeing a wild Whale whilst sailing a ship being his two favourites.

Matt - Mechanical Technician


Matt has 30+ years of experience as a classic car mechanic. A true gent and team player with a love for Rugby. Matt has owned workshops in Europe working on various classic marquees. He became part of our team when he moved back to the UK and has had a huge influence on the business. Matt works closely with the rest of the team and Paul in a workshop manager role. He has impeccable timekeeping skills and gives up almost all of his spare time for Richards of England. Matt often goes beyond the call of duty, staying back at the garage until the work is finished.

Sam - Mechanical Technician


Sam started his apprenticeship at Racetorations Ltd. Straight from school he learnt to restore Triumph TR’s (specifically TR2 – TR6). He excelled and for over a decade he was their go-to mechanic. Sam was even trusted to fly out to places like Texas and Florida to work on client restorations. Between his time there and at Jaguar Heritage, he learnt everything from assembly to wiring (and even engine building). When you add his experience at Richards of England into the mix, you can start to appreciate why we feel he is a vital part of our team. His hobbies include; hiking, travelling and football.

Nigel - Fabricator/Mechanical Technician

Nigel has experience fabricating Aston Martins, Ferraris and many other classics. The oldest of which was a 1902 Gladiator. On top of fabrication, Nigel also has a good knowledge of the mechanical side, having spent 8 years at Mercedes. Nigel's fabrication and mechanical expertise doesn't stop with cars either. He also owns multiple boats which he sails and maintains in his spare time. This includes an aluminium boat which he fabricated himself. Not that he has much spare time, considering he's a doting grandad to 5 grandchildren.

Ash - Bodyshop/Painter


Ash is one of the best painters in the business. His attention to detail is what sets him apart from others. He has various awards under his belt and over 50 car magazine mentions. He was even commissioned to paint some vehicles for the Royal Family! At the weekend he spends his time with his family, which usually involves taking his son to football and his daughter to dancing. Ash is obsessed with American Hot Rods and told us that it was sitting in one aged 8 that inspired to work in bodyshops. He's been painting since 1996 and we hope he continues for a long time yet!

Jack - Fabricator

It is important that Britain's history is preserved and the classics from the 'David Brown era' are kept on our roads. In order to do that we need young enthusiastic people like Jack to learn the skills required to maintain these cars. Jack is enrolled in an apprenticeship with the 'Heritage Skills Academy' in Bicester, and was nominated for apprentice of the year recently. Between this and the on-the-job training he receives with us, Jack will help fill an inevitable skills gap in the future. Before joining Richards of England, Jack also worked for a restoration firm that specialised in Jaguar E-Types. In his spare time Jack fixes up modern classics and follows the football (Arsenal). 

Nigel - Parts Manager

Nigel became an Aston Martin fanatic at a young age, following in the footsteps of his late father, who drove one of the 007 Goldfinger cars on part of the "World Tour" in the late 1960’s. Nigel joined Aston Martin at 16 years of age, working at Newport Pagnell and the Part Operations sites for 28 years. He has over 35 years Aston experience right across the marque range and has recently completed a full restoration of a 1969 DB6 for a friend in Switzerland. He has a collection of cars ranging from a 1966 MGB Roadster, 1960 Triumph TR3A to a Volvo S70 T5. In his spare time he follows Nottingham Forest and attends all home games.

Dave - Trimmer

Write-up coming soon...

Carole - Accounts


Carole joined Richards of England in February 2023 to assist with the smooth running of the accounts department. Carole is fascinated by the restoration process of the Aston Martins and is always asking questions. Outside of work, Carole has a passion for horse racing and carriage driving. Carole also likes to go away in their caravan when time permits, and is very much a family person who loves to spend time with her 5 grandchildren...two horses, cat and even a dog.

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