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1971 Aston Martin DBS V8

Matching Numbers & Rare ZF Manual


Fact Sheet

Make: Aston Martin

Model: DBS V8

First registered: 01/10/1971

Chassis no: DBSV8/10206/R

Mileage: 52,504

No Owners: 4 (known)

Transmission: Manual (ZF)

Matching Numbers: Yes

Current colour combination:

Azzurro Blue with Black

Original colour combination:

Azzurro Blue with Dark Blue




A lot like the DB4, DB5 and DB6, Aston Martin DBS V8’s were built by hand at the Newport Pagnell factory. The body was clearly influenced by the American market and designed to have a more “modern” look. However, some trademark Aston design features still remained. The bonnet scoop and side air vents with stainless steel brightwork to name just two. It’s these unique stylings that gave the “Mustang” look an aura of individuality and Aston Martin style. The stunning spacious interiors were also trimmed in fully grained Connolly leather and included modern amenities such as electric windows.


In terms of performance, just 402 examples of the DBS possessed the Tadek Marek V8. As Andrew Noakes accentuated within his Aston Martin DB book, the DBS V8 boasted a top speed of 160mph with an ability to accelerate 0-60mph in just 6 seconds. It’s also worth noting that, “Porsche obtained comparable performance figures five years later from the 911 Turbo, and was acclaimed as making one of the world’s greatest supercars!” (Motorsport Magazine, 2023). Simply put, this Aston Martin had perhaps been undervalued given that it was once the fastest production car in the world. Nonetheless, people are starting to take notice and this is one of reasons for the sharp rise in monetary value over the past two decades.




­Richards of England (ROE) are delighted to be able to offer this very rare original manual Aston Martin DBS V8. Within the recent years of his 9 year ownership, the current custodian spent £145,000.00 on a sizeable restoration (documented below). This is evident when looking through the photographs that have been captured, and on first sight of the vehicle.


The most recent invoice is a 10,000 mile service interval and full road test report. This included various works to the steering system and was completed this month (March 2023) at ROE as part of the sale.


Originally delivered new to A.J. Beal Ltd, DBSV8/10206/R was prepared to the desirable manual saloon specification. It still remains a matching numbers car along with retaining its original ZF 5 speed manual box and registration (WFJ68K). The car also remains in its attractive original colour ‘Azzurro Blue’ following a comprehensive bare metal respray in December 2018 with bodywork specialists 355 Automobile Restorations Ltd, which formed part of the extensive restoration works the vehicle received between 2018-2021.


The DBS V8 comes fitted with 7 inch alloy wheels, commonly known as ‘GKN’s’ finished in factory Dove Grey. These are in good condition and contrast superbly with the paintwork colour. It’s also documented within the history file that extensive fabrication repairs were carried out by ‘Competition Classics’ during 2018, including but not limited to; the rear wheel arches, sills and pedal box. Following the £145,000.00 expenditure over recent years and from their fresh inspection, ROE believe this DBSV8 is an exceptional example, not often presented to the market.



2021 – 2018 = £77,290.58

2018 – 2016 = £67,865.14

2016 – 2014 = £25,835.16

2010 = £7686.33

2009 – 2008 = £862.57

2007 – 1992 = £7020.56


History Folder


Below you will find an exhaustive list of work that this DBS V8 has undergone in recent years, along with other documents contained within the history folder.


1.    Classic Cars magazine (February 2011) containing an article which featured DBSV8/10206/R.

2.    Build sheet.

3.    V5C.

4.    Original sales brochure.

5.    15/02/2017- DB Motor Brokers – Letter valuing the car.

6.    Multiple magazine articles printed in black & white about the DBS V8.

7.    MOT Certificates (2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 1993, 1992, 1991).

8.    DVLA documents showing previous 4 owners.

9.    13/03/2014 - Engineering report from Phoenix Car Restorations.

10. 01/03/2022 – Richards of England – 10,000 mile interval service and the following works:

a.    Brake fluid change

b.    Overhaul of power steering pump and ZF power steering rack.

c.    Full geometry setup of the vehicle.

d.    Full road test report.

27/09/2021 - Phoenix Autos - Made repairs, freshened up or replaced with new parts where required:

e.    Under seat speakers

f.     Interior and bonnet lights

g.    Sun visors

h.    Oil pressure gauge

i.      Panel wiring

j.      Column shroud including indicator and horn switches

k.    O/s kick panel and wiper switches

l.      Center console

m.  Radio mounting panel

n.    Door panel alignment and strap brackets

o.    Window frame seals

p.    B post finishers

q.    Windscreen washer bottle and mounting bracket

r.     Wheel arch liners and wing side vent finishers

s.    Brake pads

t.     Anti-roll bar bushes

u.    Spark plugs

v.    Engine checks

11. 03/09/2021 – Mercatura Developments Ltd – Invoice for parts.

12. 27/05/2021 – 355 Automobile Restorations Ltd – Repaired and resprayed doors.

13. 13/05/2021 - Phoenix Autos - Made repairs or supplied new parts where required:

a.    Air horns

b.    Chassis plate

c.    Ignition module, ballast resistor and ignition coil

d.    Air boxes

e.    Cross shaft (including alignment)

f.     Servo vacuum pipes and engine breather pipe

g.    Heater motor resistors

h.    Clock housing, kick panels and instrument panels

i.      Glove box

j.      Valance center panel

k.    Reverse lights, rear light dimmer and interior light switches

l.      Rear ¼ light windows

m.  Battery and stay

n.    Bonnet release handles and light switch

o.    Boot lid springs

p.    Windows lift mechanisms

q.    Door aperture seals

14. 27/03/2021 - Phoenix Autos - Made repairs, freshened up or replaced with new parts where required:

a.    Pipe heater return system

b.    Expansion tank

c.    Power steering system and reservoir

d.    Cold start loom

e.    Radiator cowling

f.     Air intake tubes

g.    Power steering system

h.    Heater feed and cold start system

i.      PAS and alternator belts

j.      Cooling system

k.    Wheel arch liners and wheel arches

15. 11/07/2020 – The Gauge Shop – Refurbished vehicle instrumentation.

16. 03/06/2020 – Matthew Hill Coach Trimmings – New carpets, insulation and steering wheel (retrim).

17. Various parts invoices from RS Williams for Phoenix Autos to fit.

18. 20/12/2019 - Phoenix Autos - Made repairs, freshened up or replaced with new parts where required:

a.    Heat shields

b.    Oils pipes

c.    Inlet manifolds

d.    Oil filter housing

e.    (Trial fitting various parts)

19. 27/11/2019 – JC Polishing Ltd – Full car polish.

20. 22/11/2019 - Phoenix Autos - Made repairs, freshened up or replaced with new parts where required:

a.    Petrol flaps

b.    Heater ducts

c.    Inlet manifolds

d.    Servo vacuum pipes

e.    Starter solenoid

f.     Wiring loom (re-position)

g.    Clutch pipe bracket

h.    Exhaust manifolds (paint)

i.      Bakes and clutch (bleed and check)

j.      Starter motor and cable

k.    Door locks

21. 08/11/2019– Professional Coatings Limited – Painted various car parts silver and black.

22. 21/10/2019 - Phoenix Autos - Made repairs, freshened up or replaced with new parts where required:

a.    Car grille (modification only)

b.    Various checks across car prior to painting parts

c.    Air box assembly heater motor housing and vents

d.    Petrol flap

e.    Boot springs

f.     Wings (stone chipping)

g.    Prop shaft (assembly)

h.    Fitting (engine, gearbox etc)

23. 21/10/2019 - Phoenix Autos – Repaired various panels and fixed some smaller parts like the wipers.

24. 02/10/2019 – Matthew Hill Coach Trimmings – Door finishers fabrication.

25. 23/08/2019 - Phoenix Autos – Sorted through parts on initial delivery and started some early checks/repairs.

26. 02/08/2019 – Matthew Hill Coach Trimming Ltd – Retrimmed center console and door cards.

27. 26/07/2019 – Competition Classics - Made repairs, freshened up or replaced with new parts where required:

a.    New panels for bulkhead­­­

b.    Brake pipes

c.    Handbrake cable and rear calipers

d.    Boot catches

e.    Window frame rubbers

f.     Electric window motors

g.    Fitted various parts.

28. 04/06/2019 – Douglas Bell – Battery.

29. 26/04/2019 – Matthew Hill Coach Trimming Ltd – Leather ordered and main interior progression.

30. 26/04/2019– Professional Coatings Limited – Shot blasted, etch primed and painted cam covers.

31. 19/03/2019 - Competition Classics - Made repairs, freshened up or replaced with new parts where required:

a.    Prop-shaft overhaul and replaced UJ’s

b.    Retaped loom

c.    Brake master cylinder reseal

d.    Pedal box

e.    Brake lines

f.     Drive shafts

g.    Calipers

h.    Headlamps

32. 01/02/2019 - Competition Classics - Made repairs, freshened up or replaced with new parts where required:

a.    Wishbone bushes

b.    Drive shaft

c.    Rear axle tube

d.    Rear wheel bearings

e.    Blasting

33. 07/01/2019 – 355 Automobile Restorations Ltd – Prime and respray in original colour. This also included some metal repairs and some new rubbers around glass etc.

34. 13/12/18 - Competition Classics - Made repairs, freshened up or replaced with new parts where required:

a.    Cylinder head and relating parts

b.    Cam belt (timing)

c.    Distributor

d.    Oil pick up and seals

e.    Starter motor

f.     Steering pump & reservoir

g.    Throttle leavers

h.    Rear shocks

i.      Bonnet catches

j.      Chrome work (replated)

k.    Rear radius arms

l.      Cylinder head and engine head (painted)

m.  Brake and clutch parts

n.    Brake master cylinder

35. 07/09/18 - Competition Classics - Made repairs, freshened up or replaced with new parts where required:

a.    Boot floor

b.    Shock absorbers

c.    Drive shafts

d.    Diff cover

e.    Kingpins with new trunnions

f.     Pedal box and pedals

36. 15/08/2018 – Phoenix Race and Rally – Aligned and welded O/S/F lower wing section.

a.    16/08/2018 - Competition Classics – Disassembled the car, which included the removal of the under seal back to bare metal. The underside was coated red oxide paint. Removed chrome ready for rechroming.

37. 10/07/2018 - Competition Classics - Made repairs, freshened up or replaced with new parts where required:

a.    Rear axle and diff

b.    Sills, “A” pillar and hinge box sections

c.    O/S/F jacking point

38. 11/06/2018 - Competition Classics – Stripped front suspension and other relevant parts ready for blasting and powder coating.

39. 01/05/2018 - Competition Classics - Made repairs, freshened up or replaced with new parts where required:

a.    Engine ancillaries

b.    Engine front cover

c.    Piston rings and bearings

d.    Front grille, headlights and other exterior components (fit)

e.    Wish bones

40. Handful of invoices from RS Williams and Rikki Cann linked to some work completed by “Competition Classics”.

41. 12/03/2018 - B.A.C – Fabricated the following:

a.    Front bodywork and light sub-structure

b.    New front scuttle and front half o/s wing

c.    Panel work

d.    Front valance and lower valance

e.    New skins and trial fitted door frames

f.     Remove dents from B pillars

g.    Repair holes and dents in lower wing

h.    General panel fit

42. 20/05/2016 – Cotswold Classic Car Restorations – Stripped car. Removed corrosion, prepared and painted engine bay and wheel arches.

43. 12/12/2014 – Cotswold Classic Car Restorations – Made repairs, freshened up or replaced with new parts where required:

a.    Refinish nose cone to fit grille

b.    Adjust door fit

c.    Refinish bodyshell

d.    Apply primer

44. 15/08/2014 – Cotswold Classic Car Restorations – Vehicle body refinishing (including Tig welding specialist).

45. 08/08/2014 – Cotswold Classic Car Restorations – Pre-fitting of doors and other components.

46. 01/08/2014 – Cotswold Classic Car Restorations – Filler and sanded car.

47. 25/07/2014 - Cotswold Classic Car Restorations – Made repairs to the side doors, rear wings and front wings.

48. 18/07/2014 - Cotswold Classic Car Restorations – Made repairs to the bonnet, boot lid, door frames and side doors.

49. 04/07/2014 – Cotswold Classic Car Restorations – Disassembled the car and stripped the paint.

50. 04/06/2014 – Cotswold Classic Car Restorations – Appraisal.

51. 15/05/2010 – SS Auto Engineering – Replaced engine mounts and gear box mounts.

52. 26/03/2010 – Trinity Engineering – Carried out some remedial works to the engine, steering and front suspension.

53. 16/02/2010 – Trinity Engineering – Performed various checks and small repairs to the engine and transmission. This included the removal and re-timing of the Bosch fuel injection pump, along with a new gasket and sealant.

54.  01/06/2009 – Trinity Engineering – Oil, air and fuel filter replacement.

55. 23/05/2009 – Manor Royal Motors – MOT.

56. 13/05/2009 – Aston Parts & Performance – Engine mounting rubbers and bushes.

57. 27/10/2008 – Demon Tweeks – Breather filters and air filters.

58. 15/09/2008 – Serck Services– Radiator repair.

59. 08/09/2008 - Trinity Engineering – Top, bottom and joiner hoses.

60. 04/07/2008 - Trinity Engineering – Lighter pop-out unit, hose clip and water pump hose.

61. 02/06/2008 - Trinity Engineering – Various filters and belts.

62. 17/05/2008 – Manor Royal Motors – MOT.

63. 09/04/2008 – Neil Davies Historic Racing – Valvemaster plus.

64. 12/11/2007 – Niemoller – Electric fuel pump.

65. 10/09/2007 – Dingocroft – Lucas V8 electronic coil.

66. 21/07/2007 – SC Parts Group – Voltage stabilizer unit

67. 24/06/2007 – Wicked Wheels – Repairs & powder coating wheels.

68. 18/06/2007 - Trinity Engineering – Carried out some remedial works to the engine, steering and wheels.

69. 12/06/2007 – Camskill Tyres – Inner tubes.

70. 30/05/2007 – Trinity Engineering  - Valance and washers.

71. 16/05/2007 – Manor Royal Motors – MOT.

72. 22/05/2007 – Safety Belt Services – Seatbelts.

73. 19/05/2007 - Trinity Engineering – Vacuum stub, non-return valve and T piece.

74. 18/05/2007 - Trinity Engineering – Jacking point kit.

75. 09/05/2007 - Trinity Engineering – Clevis pin and under valance.

76. 25/04/2007 - Trinity Engineering – Various washers, tabs and links.

77. 20/04/2007 - Trinity Engineering – Rubbers.

78. 16/04/2007 – Power Track – Front and rear caliper reconditioning.

79. 14/04/2007 – MG Services Heathrow – Servo kit.

80. 10/04/2007 – Puddleduck Parts – Door rubber and HT leads.

81. 16/03/2007 – Trinity Engineering – Front and rear shock absorbers.

82. 15/03/2007 – Puddleduck Parts – AM V8 steering rack.

83. 13/03/2007 - Puddleduck Parts – Suspension rubber kit, bushes and brake pads.

84. 05/03/2007 – Trinity Engineering – Fuel tube, UNC tap and exhaust strap.

85. 28/12/2006 – Hartlepool Radiator Company – Fuel tank.

86. 29/12/2006 – SLS – Fuel pump.

87. 27/12/2006 – Aston Parts and Performance – Brake pad set, air filters and air box gasket.

88. 20/11/2006 - Puddleduck Parts – Brake hoses (full set).

89. 06/11/2006 - Puddleduck Parts – Brake master cylinder reconditioning and the following parts:

a.    Hose set

b.    Clutch master cylinder

c.    Clutch slave cylinder

d.    Gasket set

e.    Spark plugs

f.     Fuel filter

90. 28/10/2006 – Lancaster – Workshop manual.

91. 29/01/1993 – Lucas Service UK – Light unit.

92. 27/11/1992 – Aston Martin Lagonda Limited – Wheel symbol.


Please note that Richards of England (ROE) have only included a quick and simplified description of each document. Although, ROE has taken a great deal of care assembling the above list, they will not be held responsible for any errors or misunderstanding. Therefore, it is recommended that any interested parties view the documentation themselves at their showroom in Lincolnshire prior to purchase. Other documents and invoices are also present within the folder besides the ones within this list.

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