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1976 Aston Martin V8

Matching numbers automatic holding its original registration (OYL 892R)

Chassis No:  V8/11491/RCA


Ordered new in “Cairngorm Brown over Fawn” to the UK, where it has remained its entire life.


82,858 recorded mileage warranted through M.O.T certificates dating back to 1986.


Fastidiously documented history of over 150 pages with maintenance invoices dating back to 1982.


Invoices include sill replacement and chassis works by Aston Martin Works.


Documented bare metal repaint to this livery by specialist Stratton Motor Company in 2017.


Original interior in superb condition. Presented in a fantastic ‘0h so 70’s’ period colour combination.


Attractively priced V8 ready for the open road.



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V8/11491/RCA has been serviced regularly during its lifetime. The V8 engines are known for being robust, so a well maintained one such as this is an even safer bet. This V8 also benefits from having an auto gearbox, known for being more reliable and great for touring. The comprehensive history folder is over 150 pages and boasts invoices from reputable companies such as; Stratton Motor Company, H.W.M Aston Martin and RS Williams.


Common V8 issues have been addressed during this cars ownership with various invoices documenting these. Major works include the replacement of the sills, along with the removal of corrosion from the chassis. This work was carried out by Aston Martin Lagonda and has been well documented within the file. Other notables include; the water pump, which was replaced recently, along with constant servicing work and the replacement of mechanical items as required.

In 2017 the V8 underwent a full bare metal respray at Stratton Motor Company, returning it back to its original colour (Cairngorm Brown). The colour looks stunning, especially on bright sunny days like the ones pictured. However, this is not simply a car which has been painted pretty to hide a multitude of sins. V8/11491/RCA is a mechanically prepared and well cared for motor, ready for the open road.

This car was first purchased by Ahmed Abdelghani of Aramco Oil on the 5th October 1976. Between then and 1981, the car changed ownership three times, with the third owner moving the car onto the private plate “JS 6525”. When Mrs Eileen Elizabeth Berthet acquired ownership in 1981, the plate was again changed (WGO3 31R). Her ownership spanned an impressive thirty-two years, in which, the car was cared for greatly (see history list below). A Mr Jacques Felix E Berthet is also mentioned on many of the invoices during her ownership and incidentally the car was passed onto him in 2013 (firth owner). Following some further works and a brief one year ownership with a Mr David Day, the car was purchased by the current owner in 2016 (Mr Mark Adams).

Mr Adam’s truly cherishes his motor cars, it is therefore no surprise that he spent large sums of money returning this car to its original specification. The paint, trim and carpet are all as was ordered in 1976, and the car has been returned to its original reg (OYL 892R). We look forward to the next custodian continuing the journey with this well loved and timeless V8.

Photos by Tim Scott


History Folder




Seventh owner - 09/04/2016 - Anglia Car Auctions Ltd - Purchased by Mr George Christopher (Mark) Adams.

  • V5C document with reg OYL892R.

  • Change of registration number from WGO331R back to its original number OYL892R.

  • Letter requesting registration number change and proof of original ownership from Aston Martin Heritage trust.

  • V5C document with reg WGO331R.

  • Invoice of sale.

  • Lot Number 257 sales sheet.

  • Auction booklet.


Sixth owner - 28/01/2015 - Mr David Day.

  • V5C document.

  • V11 slip, accompanied by a letter talking about the sale.


Fifth owner - 28/05/2013 - Mr Jacques Felix E Berthet.

  • UK Registration Certificate for Mr Jacques Felix E Berthet. (copy).


Fourth owner - 27/04/1981 - Mrs Eileen Elizabeth Berthet - Purchased from HW Motors Limited.

  • Invoice of sale.

  • Vehicle Registration Document for Mrs Eileen Berthet (copy).


Third owner - 01/08/79 - Aremson International LTD.

  • Vehicle Registration Document for Aremson International LTD (copy).

  • Eileen Berthet’s Vehicle Registration Document provides details of this previous owner (copy).

  • Change of registration number to WGO331R 01/04/81.


Second owner – 15/03/77 – Edward James Holloway.

  • Vehicle Registration Document shows change of ownership from to Mr Holloway (copy).


First owner - 05/10/1976 - Mr Ahmed Abdelghani - Purchased from AM Sales LTD.

  • Vehicle Registration Document for Mr Ahmed Adelghani (copy).

  • Car and warranty acceptance card (copy).

  • Car record card for 11491 (copy).


Work Completed, Services & Parts

05/06/19 - Stratton Motor Company - Annual Service and vacuum test.

  • Oil, oil filter, brake fluid & screen wash.

  • Filler caps and filler neck clips replaced.


20/09/18 - Stratton Motor Company - Various jobs completed.

  • Ignition switch replaced.

  • Speedo refurbed and dash bulbs upgraded.

  • Refitted tank vent pipe and sealed boot floor exit hole.

  • Replaced all wheel nuts.

  • Seat foams replaced and front seats refitted.


16/04/18 - Stratton Motor Company - Annual Service and investigation of steering leak.

  • Replaced high pressure power steering hose/

  • Steering rack refurbishment.

  • Front wheels alignment.

  • Water pump replaced.

  • Antifreeze renewed.

  • Oil, sump plug, oil filter, brake fluid & filter element kit.


24/03/17 - Stratton Motor Company - Insurance valuation.


31/01/17 to 31/03/17 - Stratton Motor Company - Car repaint.

  • Strip for repaint.

  • Remove all paintwork down to bare aluminium.

  • Prepare, etch and prime.

  • Repair defects.

  • Prepare and repaint.

  • Flat and compound on completion.

  • Rebuild.

  • Fuel pipe, exhaust, steering gaiters and roof lining extras.


22/06/16 - Stratton Motor Company - Inspection and work.

  • Compression test.

  • Front suspension stripped to replace ball joint gaiters, rebuilt suspension.

  • Replaced brake flexi hose.

  • Brake fluid replaced and system bled.

  • Heater valve replaced.

  • Coolant replaced and system bled.

  • A/C converted to R134a with aircon service.

  • Wiper blades replaced.

  • Carburettors stripped, cleaned and replaced. New insulators, acc pump and diaphragms. Full carb setup.

  • Mirror replaced including painting to match.


15/08/15 - Aston Martin Heritage Designs - Replacement seat foam bolsters.


16/06/15 - H.W.M Aston Martin - Brake master cylinder kit installed.


03/06/15 - Vintage Tyres - Replacement Michelin tyres.


18/07/14 - Martins Garage - Engine oil and oil filter change.


18/07/14 - Martins Garage - MOT and service.

  • Wiring repairs to lamp.

  • New battery switch.


09/06/14 - Martins Garage - Brake system bled, installed new brake servo and replaced spark plugs.


13/05/14 - RS Williams - V8 servo exch 4.5:1.


24/03/14 - Martins Garage - Repaired steering lock and fitted new bolts.


20/10/08 - Martins Garage - MOT, adjustments to brake calipers, drained brake fluid and refilled.


29/08/03 - Martins Garage - Replace vacuum hoses, reset vacuum control switch and reset idle speed.


18/08/03 - Martins Garage - MOT, engine oil replacement, timing check, examined fuel and repaired cable to lamp.


16/09/02 - Axtell Automobile Associates LTD - MOT.

  • Remove battery, charge and refit.

  • Remove air filter.

  • Front brake imbalance test.


07/02/00 - Axtell Automobile Associates LTD - Cooling system and drive belts.

  • New gasket.

  • Drain cooling system and refill.

  • Fit new water pump.

  • Replace drive belts.

  • Supply and fit new bearings to jockey pulley.


06/10/99 - Axtell Automobile Associates LTD - Fit electronic fuel pump and seals.


09/05/96 - Martins Garage - Fixed steering, bulb replacement and flasher unit replacement.


23/05/95 - Martins Garage - Supply and fit new brake servo.


02/05/95 - Martins Garage - Repairs and MOT.

  • Reconditioned shock adsorbers fitted.

  • System bled and brake hose fitted.

  • Indicator fixed.

  • Servo unit leak fixed.


18/04/91 - Aston Martin Lagonda Limited - Re-undersealing and underbody cleaning.


21/03/91 - Aston Martin Lagonda Limited - Exhaustive list of jobs carried out (5 pages).

  • Engine cylinder leakage and compression test, followed by tuning.

  • Renewed various small engine components, including pipes, hoses and bearings.

  • Engine area touched up with paint, trunking renewed and cam covers re-enamelled.

  • Renewed various front suspension parts.

  • Air con service.

  • Fabrication to the sills and multiple areas on the chassis.

  • Resprayed newly repaired areas to match.

  • Fixed front and rear fog lamps.

  • Multiple cables and parts replaced including the speedo cable.

  • Tool roll repaired.


06/12/90 to 13/12/90 - Aston Martin Lagonda Limited - Various correspondence about the quote between the client (Mr Berthet) and Aston Martin Lagonda Limited.


05/12/90 - Aston Martin Lagonda Limited - Estimate of work required (7 pages).


18/04/90 - Phiness Coachworks - Car repaint.

  • Strip for repaint.

  • Remove all paintwork down to bare aluminium.

  • Repair outer shell.

  • Prepare and repaint.


03/04/90 - H.W.M Aston Martin - Fabrication work

  • Exhaustive list of rust removal and welding (3 pages).

  • Sills replaced (inner and outer).


02/11/88 - Axtell Automobile Associates LTD - Service & MOT.

  • Service with new spark plugs.

  • New rear brake pads.

  • Anti-freeze top-up.


11/10/88 - Pit Stop Auto Services LTD - Stainless steel exhaust system fitted.


29/06/88 to 02/09/88 - Phiness Coachworks - Respray nearside wing.


12/04/88 - Axtell Automobile Associates LTD - Remove bumper and repair.


22/09/87 - Axtell Automobile Associates LTD - MOT and various fixes.

  • Replaced exhaust centre section.

  • Drained petrol, fitted new petrol tank unit and refilled.

  • Fixed rear lights by reconnecting.

  • Front exhaust manifold fixed.


04/09/87 - Axtell Automobile Associates LTD - Various fixes.

  • Attended to coolant loss by replacing water valve and refilling system.

  • Fixed handbrake by replacing pads.

  • Fixed blower motor by fixing bad connection on fuse board.

  • Replaced interior light switch.


09/07/87 - Guildford Tyre Company - New AVON tyres.


26/06/87 - Axtell Automobile Associates LTD - Engine check.

  • Cleaned and rebuilt carburettors.

  • Traced out fault on ignition.

  • New module and engine tuned.

  • New distributor cap.

  • Exhaust manifold threads tapped out, new plugs and fitted with new gasket.

  • Engine oil replaced.

  • New air filters and fuel filter.

  • Battery change.


11/03/87 - HWMotors Limited - Fixed exhaust and replaced silencer.


03/03/87 - HWMotors Limited - Fitted new carb needle valves.


20/11/86 - HWMotors Limited - 5000 mile service and replaced exhaust.


02/10/86 to 23/10/86 - Wright & Roberts Engineering - Fixed exhaust and manifold.


17/09/86 - Wright & Roberts Engineering - MOT test.


16/07/86 - HWMotors Limited - New washer pump.


12/06/86 - HWMotors Limited - Throttle linkage changed and engine checked.


30/04/86 - HWMotors Limited - Cleaned carbs, fixed boot hinge and replaced brake/handbrake pads.


06/02/86 - HWMotors Limited - Fitted new downpipe and silencer. Replaced oil filter.


13/01/86 - ICE Stereo Systems - Electric A/C fitted.


16/07/85 - HWMotors Limited - Battery charging issue fixed by replacing isolating switch. New alternator belt.


08/07/85 - HWMotors Limited - Coolant and coolant pipes replaced.


16/05/85 - Wright & Roberts Engineering - New track rod ends fitted, alignment reset and MOT test.


29/04/85 - HWMotors Limited - Misfire fixed and new petrol pump fitted.


13/11/84 - HWMotors Limited - New wheel bearings fitted.


25/05/84 - HWMotors Limited - 10,000 mile service (filters, plugs, antifreeze, pads etc replaced).


26/01/84 - HWMotors Limited - Brakes rectified/adjusted.


17/01/84 - HWMotors Limited - Exhaust silencers and pipes fitted. Water hose fitted.


10/03/83 - HWMotors Limited - Oil and filter changed. New boot spring fitted.


26/07/82 - HWMotors Limited - New silencer and pipe fitted on exhaust.


18/06/82 - HWMotors Limited - Carbs checked and new plug fitted.


MOT Test Certificates

  • 20/03/18 – 79,891

  • 31/03/17 – 78,614

  • 04/02/16 – 76,607

  • 17/07/14 – 76,342

  • 05/10/07 – 76,307

  • 12/09/06 – 76,293

  • 13/09/04 – 76,268

  • 18/08/03 – 76,188

  • 12/09/02 – 75,999

  • 03/08/01 – 75,969

  • 25/07/00 – 75,883

  • 20/05/98 – 75,488

  • 13/05/96 – 75,045

  • 03/05/95 – 74,923

  • 29/04/94 – 74,763

  • 24/04/93 – 74,493

  • 08/04/92 – 74,282

  • 18/04/91 – 73,568

  • 16/09/86 – 56,874




  • Various vehicle tax reminder documents.

  • Insurance documents.

  • Sales photos  (Most likely from Anglia Car Auctions sale).

  • A handful of restoration photos.

  • Parts price lists and company contact details.

  • Aston Martin Lagonda Limited presentation folder containing a letter sent to Mr J F E Berhet in March 2003.

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