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1970 Aston Martin DBS V8

Original Bahama Yellow example


Fact Sheet

Make: Aston Martin

Model: DBSV8

First registered: 03/08/1970

Chassis no: DBSV8/10016/R

Mileage: 46,156

Transmission: Auto

Matching Numbers: Yes

Current colour combination:

Bahama Yellow with Black

Original colour combination:

Bahama Yellow with Dark Brown (VM890)


Aston Martin DBS V8’s


Originally intended to house the Tadek Marek-designed V8, the DBS initially appeared with the same 4.0-litre six as housed in the DB6. Designed by Bill Towns, the four-seater DBS changed the look of David Brown’s brand. The softer shapes of the previous DB cars were scrapped, and a new muscular modern look was born. The new larger and more luxurious style of the DBS did originally lower the performance, with its predecessor remaining the quicker of the two models. However, when the V8 engine was introduced in 1969 everything changed.


The DBS V8 had an increased power, an estimated 345bhp. As Andrew Noakes accentuated within his Aston Martin DB book, the DBS V8 boasted a top speed of 160mph with an ability to accelerate 0-60mph in just 6 seconds. It’s also worth noting that, “Porsche obtained comparable performance figures five years later from the 911 Turbo, and was acclaimed as making one of the world’s greatest supercars!” (Motorsport Magazine, 2023). Simply put, this Aston Martin had perhaps been undervalued given that it was once the fastest production car in the world. Nonetheless, people are starting to take notice and this is one of the reasons for the sharp rise in monetary value over the past two decades.


A lot like the DB4, DB5 and DB6, Aston Martin DBS V8’s were built by hand at the Newport Pagnell factory. The body was clearly influenced by the American market and designed to have a more modern look. However, some trademark Aston design features still remained. The bonnet scoop and side air vents with stainless steel brightwork to name just two. It’s these unique stylings that gave the “Mustang” look an aura of individuality and Aston Martin style. The stunning spacious interiors were also trimmed in fully-grained Connolly leather and included modern amenities such as electric windows.



The build sheet reveals that this very early Aston Martin DBS V8 was ordered in Bahama Yellow over Dark Brown (VM890) by Plough Motors. DBSV8/10016/R was first delivered to a business in Shrewsbury named Ashley, Ashley & Newbrook Ltd. The original green log book is still present  the car, along with the original instruction book. Both of which are a refreshing inclusion given that many 50-year-old cars often have little history from their early years. The DBS V8’s early servicing and maintenance work are also well documented on the build sheet between 1970 and 1972, with the car appearing to change hands just once before 1975.


In 1975, Mr Frederick Paul Brightmore purchased DBSV8/10016/R for a fee of £1950 (roughly the same price as a semi-detached house in Kidlington, Oxford, at the time). A lovely written letter by Mr Brightmore paints a perfect picture of his 40-year ownership between 1975 and 2015. For the first 10 years, Mr Brightmore drove the car, adding 8000 miles. However, Mr Brightmore was a keen mechanic and from 1987 onwards he admitted that he only used it sparingly whilst making repairs to the car. Despite being only driven occasionally, the engine oil and filter were still replaced multiple times during this period.


According to Mr Brightmore’s letter, DBSV8/10016/R benefited from a long list of repairs. The radiator was re-cored and the exhaust was replaced. New brake cylinders, brake pads, pistons, seals, and brake pipes were fitted. The doors were removed and repaired, with new sections fitted.  All the carpets were removed and remade.  The servos were stripped, cleaned, and rebuilt. New door frame seals were fitted, along with new ignition coils, plugs, filters, and a new battery. Finally, a lot of the chrome was removed, re-chromed and refitted. In 2015, DBSV8/10016/R was listed for sale privately by Mr Brightmore.


The GOV.UK Trade Registration document within the history folder confirms that Stratton Motor Company purchased the car in 2016. The car was then stored at their premises. In 2020, the DBS V8 was sold to the current custodian. One of the first decisions they made was to have the DBS V8 resprayed in its original colour of Bahama Yellow, of which only 9 were manufactured in this livery. Following this the interior was completely restored, which included the introduction of black leather, giving DBSV8/10016/R the same look as Roger Moore’s DBS in “The Persuaders!”  


Since 2020 the client has spent circa £30,000 recommissioning the DBS V8 with Aston Martin specialists Stratton Motor Company. A further £30,000 was also spent on a retrim and a repaint, taking the total spend to over £60,000 between 2020 and 2022. In 2023, a further £6177.11 was spent with Richards of England, this included an up-to-date MOT (July). A more in-depth breakdown of the work completed at both Stratton Motor Company and Richards of England can be found in the history summary below:

History Folder

Build sheet.


Original Log Book from 1970.


Original Aston Martin Instruction Book.


01/08/2023 – Richards of England Ltd

   1. Repaired corroded hole on O/S lower radius arm mount.

   2. Bonnet and catches adjusted for correct opening and closure.

   3. Sealant to N/S windscreen corner moulding to prevent water ingress.

   4. Chrome plating of wheel nuts, re-fit, including all centre badges.

   5. Removed watts link arms and swinging link, replaced arms with new ones due to excessive corrosion and perished bushes.

   6. Pressed new bushes in the swinging link

   7. Replaced the rear road springs.

   8. Re-assembled using all new bolts.

   9. Replaced perished fuel pipes from the filter to the engine.

   10. Replaced automatic gearbox mounts being perished/cracked.

   11. Investigated horn and door lights not working.

   12. Internal door panels removed, wires severed internally between door and body.

   13. New wiring loom made and connected.

   14. Damaged wiring replaced to the horn.

   15. 100 miles of road testing to monitor engine, geometry.


30/03/2023 – Stratton Motor Company (Norfolk) Ltd

  1. Serviced

  2. Replaced starter motor.

  3. Replaced battery.

  4. Brake servo overhaul.

  5. Brake fluid.


08/02/2022 – Stratton Motor Company (Norfolk) Ltd

  1. Investigated brake fluid leak, fluid levels topped up, tightened power steering pipe clips to pump and topped up system.

  2. Repaired wiring fault to radio.

  3. Replace faulty speedo cable.

14/01/2021 – Stratton Motor Company (Norfolk) Ltd - 4 x Avon ACR3A Tyres.      


12/01/2021 – M.Eke (Car Spraying & Panel Repairs) - Final Polishing.


31/12/2020 – Stratton Motor Company (Norfolk) Ltd


  1. Refitted brake servo.

  2. Plumbed brake pipes, bleed brakes.

  3. Supplied pattern cylinder head.

  4. Modification to gearbox.

  5. Refitted the complete exhaust system.

  6. Set fuel injection.

  7. Fitted and balanced tyres. Refitted wheels.

  8. Fitting of windows into chrome frames.

  9. Fitted chrome round roof aperture.

  10. Fitted quarter lights.

  11. Fitted rubbers to lower door frames and trims to re-fit door alignment.

  12. Fitted rear bumper.

  13. Installed all glass surround clips and trims to doors, and door sills with sealing rubbers.

  14. Various nuts, bolts, washers, clips, gaskets, and rubbers (See physical history folder).


31/12/2020 – Stratton Motor Company (Norfolk) Ltd - Metal tyre valve, weights, return springs.


24/11/2020 – M. Eke (Car Spraying & Panel Repairs)

  1. Removed all old paint from complete car, sprayed with epoxy based primer.

  2. Filled and reshaped body, built isolation layer, sprayed 3 coats of acrylic primer filler.

  3. Flattened and resprayed in Bahama Yellow including all door shuts, under bonnet, and boot lid.

  4. Flattened the outside of the car, resprayed in water-based paint.

  5. Finished with clear coat, buffed and polished.


08/09/2020 – Stratton Motor Company (Norfolk) Ltd

  1. Castrol Formula RS Oil.

  2. Washer – sump plug.

  3. Brake Cleaner.

  4. 4 x gasket – Inlet manifold.

  5. Oil Filter

  6. Gearbox filter and sump gasket.

  7. 4 Ltr DEX 11.

  8. Condenser.

  9. Heater hoses and clips.

  10. Gasket set

  11. Brake cables

  12. Various pipes, bushes, hoses, screws, nuts & washers (see invoice).


17/08/2020 – BA Wheels Ltd - Aston Martin 15” diamond cut alloy wheel refurbishment.


06/08/2020 – MEV Spares Ltd

  1. Rear brake calliper pistons and seals.

  2. Rear brake pad fitting kit – pins and spring.

  3. Handbrake pads.

  4. Brake master cylinder repair seal kit.

  5. Front brake hoses x 2.

  6. Front brake calliper pistons x 3.

  7. Front brake calliper repair seals kits x 2.

  8. Rear brake pad set.

  9. Front suspension upper wishbone bushes kit.

  10. Front suspension lower wishbone bushes kit.


10/07/2020 – Stratton Motor Company (Norfolk) Ltd - Sale of Aston Martin DBS V8 – FVG 719J


15/01/2016 – GOV.UK trader document showing the purchase of DBSV8/10345/LCA with the date of sale being 15/01/2016.


03/09/2015 – Aston Engineering Ltd - Bottom hose/elbow, screws, nyloc nut, plain washer.


25/08/2015 – Kempston Radiators Ltd - Recore Rover V8 radiator.


12/08/2015 – Motor Serv - Fuel hose, hose clips.


11/08/2015 – Desmond J Smail

  1. Gasket header tank.

  2. Plug-Exh sample boss.

  3. Thermostat.

  4. Washer.


22/06/2015 – Motor Parts Direct

  1. Petrol magic 400 ml

  2. Air intake and carburettor.


15/06/2015 – H Bowers Ltd - Flasher unit.


09/06/2015 – Motor Parts Direct

  1. Ignition Coil.

  2. NGK spark plugs.


08/06/2015 – Motor Parts Direct - Auto transmission fluid.


08/06/2015 – Motor Parts Direct - V-Belts, Air filter.


08/06/2015 – Motor Parts Direct

  1. Autochem Blue.

  2. T-Cut original.

  3. Autosol paste.


MOT Certificates – DVLA

  1. 2023 -46,151 miles

  2. 2015 – 45,422 miles

  3. 1985 – 44,807 miles

  4. 1984 – 43,425 miles

  5. 1983 – 42,067 miles

  6. 1980 – 40,656 miles

  7. 1979 – 39,509 miles

  8. 1977 – 37,053 miles

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