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1970 Aston Martin DBS (Vantage Spec)

Chassis Number: DBS/5607/RC

DBS/5607/RC was manufactured in 1970 and supplied to Australia where it spent its life up until 2015 when it returned home to the UK. The new owner then sent the car to British marque restoration specialists, Richards of England, in 2016 to undergo a complete restoration.


This motor car underwent a complete restoration. The engine was completely stripped and rebuilt to full vantage specification, including the correct camshaft, combined with a brand new 5 speed Tremec manual gearbox. From the photos, you will be able to see the impressive transformation following the application of the Aston Martin Black Pearl paint. Work on the assembly included a complete mechanical rebuild to the underside, suspension, brakes, axle/differential and engine bay. A fawn coloured Connolly Vaumol hide was used as per the original Astons. Wilton carpets and a traditional wool headlining were fitted to complete the interior.

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