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1965 Aston Martin DB5

Chassis Number: DB5/2067/R

DB5/2067/R once appeared within the popular US automotive magazine “Car and Driver” within the “Never-Gonna-Happen Projects” feature. The tongue and cheek feature stated that it had been sat untouched for 40 years with the same owner. However, following the DB5 returning to the UK in 2019, we were commissioned to ensure this DB5 remained on the road for the next 40 years. The revival and restoration journey began, delivering the results you see below.


Following its completion in 2021, DB5/2067/R went on to pick up two awards within major concours competitions. These being at the AMOC Autumn Concours 2021 and the Salon Privé Concours d'Elegance 2021. Quite the story given the car’s humble beginnings.


The photos below are the same ones used within a photobook which we designed for the client. The book's cover was carefully crafted from the same black (VM8500) Connolly Vaumol leather hide as was used for the car’s interior. This page and the book’s purpose was to tell the story of the Aston’s restorative journey.

By providing you with the photos from within the album we are inviting you to also view the exhaustive works carried out to bring DB5/2067/R back to life.

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