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1965 Aston Martin DB5

Matching Numbers DB5 for sale following a 31-year ownership


Fact Sheet

Make: Aston Martin

Model: DB5

First registered: 02/04/1965

Chassis no: DB5/2035/R

Mileage: 55,251

No Owners: 5 (known)

Transmission: Manual (ZF)

Matching Numbers: Yes

Current colour combination:

Dark Blue with Black




This lovingly cherished Aston Martin DB5 offers exceptional value and boasts a 31-year ownership period. This is your opportunity to purchase a fantastic useable example just in time for the "Indian Summer."


The DB5 has a timeless look and remains one of the most famous cars in the world. Despite there only being 899 DB5 Coupes ever made, it’s believed that half of the world’s population would recognise a DB5 if they saw one. Quite how that was worked out remains a mystery, however, it’s difficult to argue with the plausibility of the statement.


Following on from the DB4, the DB5 benefited from an uprated 4-litre engine, capable of producing 282 bhp, which propelled the car to 145 mph. The ZF five-speed manual box was also a welcomed upgrade. Chassis changes included the adoption of the Girling disc brakes, along with 15” wheels. Many other improvements were also included, electric windows and twin hydraulic brake servos, to name two.


This DB5 (DB5/2035/R) has been fastidiously maintained and comes with a history folder no less than 2 inches in thickness. DB5/2035/R has always remained within the UK and still wears its original registration mark. It has an interesting history involving hill climbs having previously had FIA paperwork. Aston Martin specialists Davron are credited with the completion of the majority of the works over the years, with Aston Engineering supplying the majority of the parts. This included a complete gearbox rebuild with new bearings throughout and regular servicing. In 2021 this DB5 also benefited from an interior overhaul by Mitchells Coachworks. The dashboard was re-painted and retrimmed, new headlining and carpets were installed throughout, and various other works were completed.


In 2023, DB5/2035/R was again sent to Davron for its interim service and has also benefited from other enhancements completed by ROE. You will find a full list of the work completed during its most recent 31-year­ ownership below, along with other documents contained within the history folder:


Priced competitively at £549,995.00.

History Folder


Below you will find an exhaustive list of work that this DB5 has undergone in recent years, along with other documents contained within the history folder.


  1.  Build sheet (copy) showing delivery date of 02/04/1965 and six separate accounts on service work up until 1968.

  2.  V5C document.

  3.  Breakdown of work in July 2021:
    a.    Glass-out and dashboard out retrim.
    b.    Manufactured and fitted new headlining, door trims, carpets, floor-trims, glove box, parcel shelf and fuel-filler covers.
    c.    Retrimmed dashboard top and crash pads.
    d.    Adjusted and refitted wireless box.
    e.    Refitted dashboard etc.

  4. 04/04/2001 - FIA paperwork (4 pages).

  5. 27/03/2001 - FIA delegation forms invoice from Jeremey Hall.

  6. 16/07/2008 – Engine data.

  7.  “Motor Week” reprint of Aston Martin DB5 test report from 1965.

  8.  14/01/2006 – MSA Historic Technical Passport (15 pages).

  9.  Motor Sports Association Homologation Forms(6 pages).

  10.  13/02/2014 – MSA passport expiry. 

  11.  27/10/1999 – Aston Martin Lagonda Limited – Letter confirming original delivery date in April 1965.

  12.  MOT Test Certificates:
    05/05/2017, 22/10/2015, 03/06/2014, 23/05/2013, 12/04/2012, 31/03/2011, 19/03/2010, 24/03/2009, 25/03/2008, 13/03/2007, 25/03/2006, 25/03/2005, 25/11/2004, 17/10/2003, 16/05/2001, 11/03/2000, 11/08/1998, 19/06/1991, 17/05/1990, 18/05/1989.

  13.  DVLA Vehicle records green log book copies detailing previous ownerships (10 pages)

  14.  1. 23/10/2019 – Davron - Made repairs, freshened up or replaced with new parts where required:
    a.    Changed engine oil and filter.
    b.    Gearbox oil.
    c.    Bled brakes and changed fluid.
    d.    Checked & adjusted front wheel bearings.
    e.    Cleaned and checked all brake pads + refitted.
    f.    Ignition timing and carburettor settings.
    g.    Checked suspension and chassis components.
    h.    Checked lights, windscreen wipers and washers.

  15.  30/06/2014 – Davron – Intermediate service and parts:
    a.    Speedo re-calibration.
    b.    Speedo cable.
    c.    MOT.

  16. 12/08/2013 – Davron – Service and parts:
    a.    Carried out nut and bolts check.
    b.    Replaced  o/s/r shock absorber drop link.
    c.    Replaced anti-roll bar drop link rubbers.
    d.    Rubber guards to front wheel arches.
    e.    Springs, pins and anti-rattle pads on front brake callipers.

  17.  07/09/2012 – Davron – Fitted new TV damper.

  18.  06/03/2012 – Davron – Supplied parts:
    a.    Clutch cover.
    b.    Clutch drive plate.
    c.    Engine oil.
    d.    Oil filter.
    e.    Carburettor needles.

  19. 11/01/2012 – Davron – Gearbox strip down and re-built with new parts as required:
    a.    Input shaft bearings.
    b.    Rear main bearings.
    c.    Input main shaft bearings.
    d.    Lay shaft bearings.
    e.    Tail shaft-bearing conversion.
    f.    Syncro rings.
    g.    Short hub springs.
    h.    Long hub springs.
    i.    5th Gear lever gaiter.
    j.    Input / Output seal.
    k.    Rear lock tab.
    l.    Gasket set.
    m.    Vapour blasting of all casings.

  20. 11/05/2009 – Davron - Made repairs, freshened up or replaced with new parts where required:
    a.    Laid new wire and cleaned fuse connection for horn feed.
    b.    Re-set limiter switch for electric window.

  21. 16/04/2009 – Davron – Intermediate service and parts:
    a.    Ignition coil.
    b.    Ignition lead set.
    c.    Distributor cap.
    d.    Rotor arm.
    e.    Spark plugs.
    f.    Reconditioned steering rack.
    g.    Track rod ends.
    h.    Wheel spinners.

  22.  08/03/2008 – Davron – Parts for Gearbox and Clutch Slave Cylinder:
    a.    Skimming of the flywheel.
    b.    Prop shaft.
    c.    Clutch Slave Cylinder.

  23.  30/11/2007 – Davron – Intermediate Service and parts:
    a.    Fitted new fuses for electric windows and lighting.
    b.    Removed loose wood from steering wheel.
    c.    Choke mechanism.
    d.    Ignition, timing and balanced carbs.

  24. 12/01/2007 – Davron – Service and repairs:
    a.    Parts and fluids.
    b.    Engine oil filer.
    c.    Starter solenoid.
    d.    Ignition switch.
    e.    F.I.A. Battery Isolator.
    f.    Oil for Engine / Gearbox / Differential.

  25.  2003 to 2010 - Aston Engineering – Invoices for various parts (8 pages)

  26.  Diagrams of Aston Martin parts (4 pages)

  27.  Old photos of the DB5 at different point during its life.

  28.  04/02/2004 – Larry Rose – Trimming work 

  29.  31/01/2008 – Aston Engineering + G Woolacott & Son – Windscreen replacement.

  30.  2005 to 2008 - Aston Engineering – Invoices for badges, brake lights & various other parts (4 pages)

  31.  02/06/2006 – Frost – Collection of preservatives, waxes and repair kits.

  32.  27/03/2001 – Think Automotive – Cooler, fittings and seals. 

  33.  04/05/2001 – Aston Engineering – Handbrake assembly, track rod end and 15 other parts.

  34.  27/04/2001 – MWS International – Centre lock.

  35.  04/09/2001 – Aston Engineering – Rear axle brought in for welding of radius arm pick-ups, damper pick-ups and fitted new hubs, seals etc. 

  36.  09/05/2001 – Questmead – Racing disc pads and brake fluid.

  37.  2000 to 2001 – Aston Engineering – Handbrake pad set, gaskets, radius arm bushes and various other parts required for servicing. 

  38. 16/04/2004 – ARE Automotive Suppliers – Specialist oil. 

  39.  14/04/2004 – Hi-tech Five – Pipe connector.

  40.  12/03/2004 – Agriemach Limited – Filteration system.

  41.  19/01/2015 – Manbat – Replacement battery. 

  42.  27/01/2004 – Auto Battery Service – Replacement battery.

  43.  2001 to 2004 – Aston Engineering – Shocker links, various gaskets (including cam cover), covers and starter solenoid.

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